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The number of books increased, and their abundance made them more affordable.

Other technologies also affected libraries, such as the development of electric lighting, which reduced the threat of fire and allowed readers to make use of the library outside of daylight hours.

Once you have found a title you are looking for, click on its title to see its format and call number.

You will also be able to see: You can place a request and have it sent to the Upper Hudson Library system library of your choice.

The disadvantages of the printed book catalog, however, became more serious as library collections grew and the rate of growth increased. Yet the time required to produce a printed book catalog (in an era in which printing required that each page be typeset) meant that the catalog could be seriously out of date as it came off the press.

Updating such a catalog meant reprinting it in its entirely, or staving off an expensive new edition by producing supplementary volumes of newly acquired works, which then made searching quite tedious.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, not only were more copies of books produced than ever before, but the numbers of new writings and new editions also grew.

Library holdings thus increased as well, which led to difficulties in keeping up with an inventory of the items held.

Today when we say “technology,” it is often shorthand for “computer technology.” Of course this is not the only technology in our lives, but it is the one that defines our modern age.In the mid-1800s the library card catalog was already winning hearts and minds.Cutter attributed the 1861 development of the card catalog to Ezra Abbot (1819–1884), assistant librarian of Harvard College.Our new catalog also allows you to email the title to any email address for future reference.These are just a few of the highlights of our new catalog.

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