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Lagna lord Sun in Lagna, with 2nd and 11th lord Mercury and 4th and 9th lord Mars forms, an excellent Dhana Yogas.

The 10th lord Venus in 2nd house, aspected by Jupiter gave him much wealth.

Venus : The native has youthful looks, is handsome, wealthy and favourite of ladies.

Saturn : The native is troubled by heavy odds and diseases. He lacks happiness, is dirty, foolish and attached to elderly women.

He remained Minister of Defence at the Centre from December, 1975 till March, 1977. He again became Chief Minister during 1985-87 in Rahu dasa.

He left Congress Party in 1996 and formed his own Haryana Vikas Party, won Assembly election and again remained Chief Minister of Haryana during 1996-99.

Should it be in dussthana (6/8/12) or in the house of a malefic, or that of an enemy or be in its debilitation sign, the individual concerned will lead a miserable life and live in a despicable place, amidst outcast or vile people. Raman, famous South Indian Astrologer, has mentioned in " 300 Important Combinations" (Yogas 123-126) that when Lagna lord is in lagana and aspected by, or in association with friendly planets, the native acquires immense wealth.

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Mars : The native is adventurous, hot-tempered, righteous and earns from acts of bravery. Mercury : makes the native quite intelligent, learned and earns thereby, is famous and honorable.

Jupiter : The native is religious, learned, keeps company of virtuous, is famous and honored by the King (State).

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