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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This guy is a dark horse. Also, Gev had the best line of the evening again tonight.When Cat asked him how to spin on her head, Gev replied, “just try it.” Well, well, well For somebody named “Comfort,” Ms.

Forget about sexy.” Breaking up is hard to do There was no escaping it.

(Don’t get any ideas, Dad.) Secrets, secrets are no fun After Kherington and Mark failed to wow with Tice Diorio’s jazz routine, Tice turned to seatmate Mia Michaels and whispered something in her ear. Cat and Comfort: BFF Last week, when Comfort was eliminated, she hugged Cat Deeley like she never wanted to let go. Or do all of the women on the show look like they’ve lost 10 pounds since we met them?

This week, it was clear that the girlfriends were giddy at their reunion. Her hips don’t lie Chelsie Hightower’s hips don’t even seem to be attached to her body. Freestyling The final moments of the show are some of the most revealing.

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The spectacle at the “So You Think You Can Dance” studio tonight was nothing short of major.

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When forced to dance alone, Chelsie needs to learn to connect to the audience the way she usually connects to her partner. Judges: They're just like us Cat actually had to reshoot one of her segments tonight because the judges were giggling too loudly and distracting her. Apparently, Mary Murphy was still laughing at a certain memorable moment from Joshua and Courtney's routine. I know this because I have heard the choreographers in the bathroom between segments complaining about missed moves.

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