Pokemon trading card game online not updating

Pressing the B button causes it to hop up and down while making its cry, which can sometimes invite the player's Mii to chase it around; if the player refuses to interact with the Mii after a while, the Mii will look sad.

If the player interacts with his or her own Mii, that Mii will either feed the Pokémon, pet it, dance with the Pokémon by bobbing back and forth quickly, or invite the Pokémon to jump up and be held.

When the player returns to the castle, the King dubs the player an official adventurer, "endorsed by the King himself", and the player emerges in the castle courtyard.

In this stage, provided the player completes the stage, the player will always be able to collect a Torchic and a Treecko.

A third Mii will offer to take the player to the last stage they visited (excluding Changing Land or a stage visited through a Mii).

This costs 1 Poké Diamond if the stage was an Entrance or Center area, 2 Poké Diamonds for a Back area, or 3 Poké Diamonds for a Special area.

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