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but in the informal testing I've done, I've found that Visible = False makes Word work roughly 15% faster than Screen Updating = False does on identical tasks.

That's about 1 second for every 7-not a trivial amount if your job runs longer than that. Chief among them is that repagination routines don't work when Word is invisible.

You can verify this by launching Word the old-fashioned way and opening File1 at the bottom of the File menu after running the sample code.

If you have written code in the This Workbook module, any of the modules behind worksheets or charts, or the module associated with a User Form, you have already worked with class modules.

Most of us use VBA to automate tasks of varying complexity – some macros are executed in a flash, but others take hours to run.

While there are users who are happy with just a If you are thinking, “Hey I can see exactly what is going on, why would I need to display messages?

is to show you how to create your own objects, including how to create a single custom object and then create a collection containing multiple instances of the object, and how to trap and raise events within your classes.

In this chapter, we assume you are already familiar with writing VBA code to manipulate the objects in Excel and are familiar with the Excel object model that defines the relationships among those objects.

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The quickest way to display messages while the code is running is to use the Statusbar property of the Application object.

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