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Stella Huyshe-Shires, chairman of Lyme Disease Action, said while it was still most likely that the devastating disease is passed on by ticks, other possibilities cannot be discounted.

She made her comments following claims by Phones4U tycoon John Caudwell that his ex-wife and three children contracted the disease from him.

Her 10-year-old daughter Kaitlyn has tested positive for the disease and she said her husband and other two children are showing symptoms.

They are still waiting for the results of hospital tests.

Along with its co-infections, it is definitely something that is passed on from mother to babies. There is a mountain of evidence out there." He said more has to be done to alert the public in Scotland about the dangers of Lyme disease.Firstly, huge apologies for not displaying any face pics on my profile.I've an extremely responsible job, however I've plenty that I'll share privately.We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments.Dear members and friends Once again, I’d like to record our thanks to everyone who helped in any way at all to make September’s visit here such a great time for our German friends and also for our hosts and other members who took part in the daily outings and activities.

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