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Communicate creatively using all the technology available to you (but not too much!), and be honest and open, and there’s no reason why your union won’t flourish.Take a look at Avocado, which is basically a private social media network just for couples.Or Ringly, a wearable technology that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth."When two people are together, some people don't like to get texts when they're at work.Or some people want to communicate multiple times a day.Hopefully you've known this person before and you're not just starting out with the distance, so you have a greater sense of them, but you should figure out the best way to reach out to each other so you feel connected and have regular times to check in." With communicating, Sherman says, the most crucial thing to do at the outset of a long-distance relationship is to know what you need from your partner and to have the vulnerability to say so.

To hear some tips on how to weather the pitfalls of a long-distance romance, we asked Dr.

Instead of constantly thinking that your long distance relationship is destroying the special bond that you and your partner share, view it as a test of your love.

If it’s meant to last, your relationship will withstand the experience and come out even stronger.

Making your partner worried, suspicious or upset won’t do your long distance relationship any favours, so think carefully before you do something you know you shouldn’t.

Hopefully these tips for long distance dating will help you to make your relationship a success.

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It lets you receive customised mobile alerts through lights and vibration.

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