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For example, the word cat has three characters, and it would be represented by three bytes.

A small data-memory storage area that a computer can use to instantly re-access data instead of re-reading the data from the original source, such as a hard drive.

Hard discs are made up of several rigid coated metal discs.

The computer interprets the code to form numbers, letters, punctuation marks, and symbols. Cold boot means restarting computer after the power is turned off.

The smallest piece of computer information, either the number 0 or 1. Warm boot means restarting computer without turning off the power. Google Chrome, Firefox, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are today's most popular browsers for accessing the World Wide Web.

Bandwidth is particularly important for Internet connections, since greater bandwidth also means faster downloads.

The most basic language a computer understands, it is composed of a series of 0s and 1s.

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