Updating old electrical outlets

Otherwise, you could end up with lights that don't work correctly and, even worse, that lead to electrical problems behind the walls.

Read More The best way to truly know what is going on behind your walls is by letting Adis Electric address your need for a qualified electrical inspection.

The good news is that this can easily be addressed simply by letting our experts take care of your need for replacement.

Let us help you update and upgrade this aspect of your home, so that you and your family can still enjoy every one of today's electrical modern amenities.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you get the essential service that you want, need and deserve.

Read More We take this line of work seriously and it shows in the results that we get.

Even if your home is not that old, it is important to make sure that you have the quality wiring in place that you had hoped for.

Read More Part of updating and upgrading is finding ways that you can make changes in order to see savings on your monthly utility bills, but it is about so much more than that.The switches have a gap in the middle, one side says ON the other side says OFF. Many homes had these plates installed horizontally so the switches go up and down.The switch plates can have either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 switch openings that are .656" high by 1.092" wide and cover the strap mounted devices.We want to be able to help you get the safety care that you need so that you and your family members are not subjected to shocks, burns or more serious hazards – such as electrocution.This is especially important for any households with younger children but should be addressed for each home, no matter what.

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We stock odd switch plate configurations for older style low voltage rocker switches plus currently manufactured square or rectangular pushbutton electrical devices that are compatible with systems installed in houses built in the U. during the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's.

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